Dayna Delux -- Bio & Stats

Height: 5'1"
Weight: 98lbs
Measurements: 32b-23-33
Hair color: Red
Hair length: Shoulder
Shoe size: 6 1/2
Eye Color: Green
Ethnicity: Caucasion
Skin tone: Olive

I was born in a small town in East Texas and moved
to dallas in 1982. I got my start through pageants
and a modeling troupe in Dallas. We traveled around
doing fashion shows, mannequin modeling, print, and
floor modeling for different companies. In that time
I taught runway and mannequin modeling as well a
coordinated many of the shows.

At an audition I was chosen to go to Peter Sklars
acting camp in Pennsylvania where I spent a week
learning from several professionals as well as a
diction coach (thus the lack of my former Southern

I returned home and signed with the Campbell agency
for a year. I did commercials and extra roles in

My interest in modeling and acting led to my
interest in makeup, and I spent the next couple
of years perfecting my skills as a makeup artist. I
worked for many companies and slowly moved to
freelancing which of course led me back in front of the camera, modeling and
now occupies most of my time.

I love what I do and have worked with some wonderful
people. My talent and skills continue to grow and
one of my most natural talents is 50's pinup.
A little more personal information.... I have a
strong character, ambitious, and strive to be a
better person. I love hotrods and classic cars and
will one day own my '34 ford dream car. I attended
PPIS school in San José and am now an apprenticing
body piercer.

Photographers I've worked with:
Danni Newcomb
Leroy Roper
Duke Morse
Chad Michael Ward
Dannielle Beddicks
Charlie freeman
Brandon Showers
Tim Sutton
Tom Eitner
Timothy Dolph
Frake Deblaze
Sabron Snyder
Morrey Taylor
Jill Rasco
Charlie gonzales
Mike of Nightmare photography
Stacey Potter

Companies I model for:
Evil and freedom industies
my vintage hut
girdle bound
heidi fish
my baby jo
bastard sons

Featured In the July edition of Dice Magazine

Spike bar in Dallas
Converse test commercial

Film Shorts:
Ladder of success
Dinner Time
Witch girls
The tunnel -make up
Cell phone

Fashion shows:
Gloria Figueroa fashions
crimson empress
exquisite restraint
Maxx studios

Miss March at
Miss march at
Sexiest babe award by skull

Pinup featured at:

Artwork of me:
Used for cd covers such as.. Tribute to marylin Manson, Isolation, Nocturne
Comic book called Empty zone
Flyers for bands and club promotions
gallery shows


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